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For anyone with fungus infested nails will find a cure in ZetaClear. It is a therapeutic solution designed to arrest nail fungus and promote healthy nail growth. Fungus causes nails to dry out and become brittle while becoming discolored. ZetaClear is an all natural product containing homeopathic products that work to enhance user’s immune system to aid in the attack of fungus that grows around and under nails.

Nail fungus can be embarrassing
, especially for those who like to wear sandals and open toed foot wear. At one time, the only way to combat nail fungus was with prescription medication that did little to remedy the problem. With Zetaclear nail fungus treatment on the market, nail fungus can be cured in a short time, except for server cases, which may take as long as three months to cure.

Since everyone has different body chemistry, some people have a natural resistance to nail fungus or their body fights the fungus more efficiently while using a product such as ZetaClear. There are those with no natural resistance to nail fungus that may have to rely on the doctor administered, prescription medication to rid their nails of fungus.

ZetaClear is a dual step process to nail fungus infection cure. The kit contains a spray taken orally and a topical solution and both are necessary to be effective, even though some entities sell the products separately. Not using both as directed, will be considerably less effective and probably categorized as a product that does not work.

The topical solution is applied with a brush and the spray is applied orally and it is absorbed via the blood stream to fight nail fungus from the inside out. The combination of products provides the one two punch keratin debris needs and it promotes healthy nail growth. The product is ideal for both men and women who suffer from unsightly nail fungus.